Canakkale, Turkey

Looking out into Canakkale region
The directionalities towards historical cultural attraction from the position of the tower are interrelated in the connecting logic of a spiral movement upwards. The turning platforms of the sloped pathway are becoming lookout platforms, each with a unique orientation. By differentiating the rotational movement with a rhythmic set of steps, these lookout platforms vary in size, allowing for accommodating different activities.

A vertical look out park visible for afar
Folded in such way to guarantee enough headroom per crossing, such organizational setup transforms the compact, linear tower into a vertical plane, adding volume to the needle-like appearance of an antenna tower and making the tower visible from afar.

A day at Canakkale Antenna Tower
Rather than minimizing and accelerating the way to the top, our project is based on the development of an architectural and programmatic strategy that delays and enriches the vertical travel for visitors of every age. For rising 30 m in height the ramp at 6% needs a length of 630 m.

Accessible for everyone
Inclined pathway based on standard regulations for handicapped access.

Competition Entry
Canakkale, Turkey

Antenna Tower
Project Area
6,000 m2
Architectural Design 
Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu
Olaf Gipser

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