Tom Aikens Restaurant
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Tom Aikens Restaurant

December 20, 2017

Project Name:  Tom Aikens Restaurant

Location: London, UK

Architectural Design: Saffet Kaya Bekiroglu

Collaboration: Olaf Gipser

Project Details:

Spatial narrative. A spatial sequence of surprise and sensuality anticipating the narrative of food courses. Each room has a distinctive material and atmospheric identity, concentrating on simplicity, authenticity, and the combination of refinement/ informality.

Preparation of materials. Just as Tom’s cooking engages in extensive and exquisite preparation work for some of its dishes, we combine authentic raw materials with creative techniques of applied treatment.

Visual presentation. Tom’s food is presented with strong and artistic visual presence. The rooms shall be background for this, yet their composition of room surfaces, furniture, and accessoires together further orchestrate the visual magic of Tom Aikens’ Restaurant.


The entrance room – a transition between inside and outside – is based on two materials: stone and vegetal surfaces. The green consists of moss and is combined with implantings of seasonal herbs; welcoming guests with the sensuality of fresh smell. The reception desk is a simple stone monolith.

Threshold zone

The threshold passage is made of a expressionistic ceramics tiling with strong color pattern. It reflects the importance of visual arrangement and presentation of Tom’s food – Tom has been called the Jackson Pollock among contemporary chefs. The tiling can be flat or in 3d with some plasticity. The threshold concept is repeated between the central passage and the dining room.

Central passage

The room has a strong texture referring to its function as a passage. Its materialization is concrete casted in CNC-milled forms. The horizontal structure allows for integration of the cheese shelving and visual connection with the Private Dining Room. At its two frontal walls, there’s a wine rack – next to the cheese another food on exposure before entering the dining rooms.

Private dining room

The room is characterized by light wood planks on floor, walls, and ceiling. The authentic, natural feel is balanced with a high-tech application of a CNC-burned or -engraved wood pattern. Due to the existing column, the room has two zones – one informal lounge part and the dining table part.

Dining room

The dining room has a zoning of two parts, aiming at articulating its main area as a simply rectangular room. Both parts are variations of the same material theme. The ceiling of the main zone is a play with clear glass and clay bottles. The walls are treated rough and informal with wallpaper-based plaster and concrete. The room balances oppositions – dark/ light, rough, refined, no texture/ strong texture, etc.

Tom Aikens Restaurant

Tom Aikens Restaurant - Project Architect and Designer for Kaya Design