Student Services Building is located centrally in the heart of the Campus to work as a hub to provide communication and administration help to students. Circular developed plan layout, has
double height central atrium, that works as an indoor plaza surrounded with facility spaces that expands. Spiralling circular disc mass/volume elevates from ground to allow campus urban ground to flow inside while welcoming students. Skin envelop is embedded within the environmental context of the location. Skin envelop (facade and skylight openings) is strategically developed to bring in indirect natural light, while being protected from Cyprus’ sun. Material selection is compeleted with the consideration of the landscape and the traditional materials: fare face concrete, corten, glass, wood is used.
2016 – 2019
Nicosia, Cyprus
International University
Student Center
Project Area
1,332 m2
Total floor surface
1,332 m2
Total plot size
1,332 m2
Architectural design of the Technology Center emhasizes the rational/smart beauty of machine aesthetics by exposing all engineering tectonics. With its dynamic architectural and engineering composition/order, this building celebrates how diff erent disciplines complements by co-existence/collaborating. To bring the best in each other creating a manmade environment for users comfort while off ering an alternative perspective. Technology Center, being a green building, generates energy with photovoltaic panels for it’s use and supplies rest for campus grid, taking advantage of Cyprus sunny climate. Climatic performance of the building has been designed and control by taking enviroment context into consideration: solar fl ux/ ratiation, wind, enviromental tempered conditions…etc. Passively operated system like large quantities of outside air can be used to ventilate the internal spaces during both day and night from their local facades. Generally, the building performs quite well passively during these times of the year, neither the ground ducts nor the cooling system need to run. The facade openings provide variable quantities of fresh air depending on the requirements of the space. Facade openings are generally left open at night to pre-cool the fabric.

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